11 April 2009

Labour’s election strategy is now in tatters


So much for an Easter break.  What started off as a front page story in the Telegraph could well lead to the dismissal  of Damian McBride, Gordon Brown's chief political advisor.  Guido Fawkes has the full story which followed on from Ian Dale’s post.  The BBC was very quick to report on the No 10 apology, which Fawkes comments on.

Two immediate questions:

What are the smears against the top Tories that so far have not been published?

Will details of the smears now break in the Sunday press or will Fawkes publish them first?

This revelation raises a bigger question that goes to the heart of the Labour strategy for the coming election.  As I have discussed here, here and here Labour’s campaign against the Tories will be ruthless and already had signs of becoming personal against Cameron.  Not only does the exposure of this story cause Brown acute embarrassment, but it leaves a major plank of their election strategy in tatters.

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