18 April 2009

An early warning for Sunday


Apologises for mentioning by pet weekend topic yet again, but I think I should do my bit to promote his show.  Marr is on this Sunday.

The little watched programme returns after the Easter break, but has been moved to 10.00 to accommodate the motor racing.  All is not lost.  For the 2nd showing running, a Tory is on.  This week we have George Osborne.  Unfortunately for George, Marr has wheeled in Kinnock for the paper review.  As consequence of this, much of the audience will have switched off by the time Osborne hits the airwaves.

All of this could well be academic by the time Sunday morning is reached.  Could it be that Guido Fawkes will ignite some more gunpowder with or without the help of the Sunday papers?

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