20 April 2009

Nick Robinson takes issue with Ed Balls

Although I have my reservations about Nick Robinson, his interview with Jim Naughtie on Today is well worth a listen.  He completely contradicts what Ed Balls said on the same programme last week about his relationship with McBride.

Master Balls is likely to come under increasing pressure over his role in “McBridegate” after the weekend reports.

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  1. Yes, it was nice to hear Robinson saying his "eyebrows shot up" when he heard Balls. The polished facade presented by the Children's Secretary is stunningly different from what we hear from almost every other source.

  2. Indeed so. It will be interesting if Balls involvement with this saga gains traction. What is your view?

  3. Howard your link takes me to a story about Zimbabwe and diamonds.

  4. Thanks. Fixed I hope. They changed the running order but did not swap the links. Bloody BBC.