29 April 2009

What will now happen on Thursday?

After a further erosion to Brown’s authority before, during and after the Gurkhas debate, what will happen on Thursday when MPs vote on expenses?  My guess is those 27 Labour rebels have given momentum to MPs that think Parliament should decide and not be dictated by the Executive.  We shall see if the Commons Standards Committee motion is carried.

The issue of the Gurkhas showed that not only did Brown misread the mood of the House but of the country as well.  You can’t play politics with soldiers lives.

Well done to Nick Clegg.  No doubt the Gurkha debate may have forged a working relationship with Cameron on certain issues like expenses, but this should be taken too far.  The polls are not indicating anything other than a decisive Tory victory at the election.

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  1. Who can't play politics wit soldiers lives Howard? This government have been doing it ever since Blair lied.

  2. Exactly. To be fair to Brown, he did not lie over this. He misread the mood and paid the price. A prime minister with more credibility would have carried the day.

    My guess is that Brown may now drop the vote on expenses.