24 April 2009

Brown’s day did get worse

Oh dear. Gordon’s day did get worse.

1. Damian McBride may get called to give evidence to a Commons select committee;

2. Some some reason that I fail to understand, No 10 have launched a petition calling for Brown to resign.

McBride’s evidence will give the Downing Street bunker more concern than the petition, especially if the committee request certain e-mail trails.

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  1. I don't want Gordon to resign I want his government to resign.

    The only logic I can relate to this is if his successor was compelled to call an immediate election; i.e. how many contiguous unelected prime ministers can you have?

  2. I agree. If Brown goes his successor would have to state that an election would be called within weeks. This is not out of the question and I have raised this possibility previously.

    The key now is what happens in June. If the results for Labour are bad, and some are saying they may finish 4th in the European elections, then the game is up.

    The next few weeks will be very interesting. If Brown is defeated over his plans to reform MPs' expenses, his position becomes very weak, not least because credibility will be permanently damaged.