24 April 2009

Gordon, How is your day so far?

1. The latest poll gives the Tories an 18 point lead;

2. The economy shrank by 1.9% in the first three months of 2009, leaving the Treasury forecasts in ruins;

3. Bloomberg spills the beans about domestic life inside the bunker;

4. Proposals for the changes to MPs expenses are in tatters;

5. Car production falls by 51.3%;

6. Actress Joanna Lumley is  "ashamed of our administration" over Gurkha settlement plan;

7. U-turn announced on decision to build Titan prisons;

and the good news

8. The BBC puts out a poll saying Brown is more trusted on the economy.  The problem with the poll is only two people voted, Labour luvies Nick Robinson and Robert Peston.

Now for some exclusive news.  After various reports of serious injuries to staff in Downing Street, The Health and Safety Executive have instructed that all laser printers are to be removed from the Downing Street bunker.

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