21 April 2009

You've seen nothing yet. Brown will just get worse


Putting aside the video, why are some taken aback with Brown’s tactics on MPs’ expenses?  To sum up, not flash, just Gordon.  This is just the continuation of usual tricks he employs to divert attention from bad news.  As mentioned below, I was backing an announcement on the Royal Mail sell-off.  Brown is not going to change.  He will become his own worst enemy as the election approaches.

David Cameron rightly gave a measured response, rather than react to Brown’s games.  I take issue with all the pompous stuff about parliamentary procedure, highlighted by Iain Martin.  Parliament has done nothing to tackle this issue and it is about time somebody did. Voters want action this day.

Question Brown’s motives, tactics and laugh at his presentational skills, but on MPs expenses he has been right to take the lead.  Nobody else has.

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1 comment:

  1. Taken the lead? Really?
    The 3 party leaders had agreed to meet tonight, after the Budget to discuss how to deal with expenses. All this time Brown has said wait for the committee report before actioning anything, and a day before the Budget he comes out with his own proposals, before the report and before meeting Cameron and Clegg.

    The man is an opportunistic twat of the highest order.

    PS The Budget must really have some horrors for him to do that