29 April 2009

Has Brown been told that it will be June?

Putting aside the two issues of the day, swine fever and the Gurkhas, Brown looked and sounded very downbeat at PMQs.  At the end of the session he couldn't even remember that he was to make a statement on Pakistan and Afghanistan, and started to walkout until being called by the Speaker.  Another YouTube classic can be added to the list.

No doubt he is hearing about what has been going on whilst he has been away.  There is nothing new in what Jon Craig is saying, except that he is quoting the thoughts of an MP on when Brown will go:

We've got to have a strategy in place for the day after the local government elections," said my MP, a minister under Tony Blair and admittedly not one of Gordon Brown's biggest fans.

"He can't see that he's the problem," the MP went on. "He's going to destroy all our achievements.


Many MPs favour Alan Johnson, currently displaying his warm, reassuring bedside manner to the nation as the Health Secretary leading the fight against swine flu.

HMQ better clear her diary.  The week beginning 8th June will be one to remember.

PS. How I wish that I had put a bet when I first raised the subject of Brown being replaced!  Such is life.

UPDATE: LabourList and LabourHome are now debating Brown’s leadership.

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