28 April 2009

Campbell dances around Labour's problem

On the face of it, what Alastair Campbell says on his blog about the 50p tax issue makes much sense:

So in a nutshell 'the new top rate is a manifesto breach, and nobody likes to break manifesto  promises. That we have done so is a sign of how extraordinary are these economic times. This is a measure to raise money, not a shift in our stance on enterprise, because business and enterprise are central to national recovery. It has to be seen in the round, with all the other measures we are taking to  try to lead Britain through the recession. These are uncertain times and we cannot guarantee success, but we believe this is the best response at this time to deal with the worst effects of a global crisis and its impact on Britain.

The problem is that his suggestion would have to come from Brown’s lips and nobody would believe a word.  It is well established that Moses used the 50p tax rate to create a dividing line with Tories, and, more importantly, that is what everyone believes.  If Campbell thinks the toothpaste can be put back in the tube he is mistaken.

Campbell needs to tackle Labour’s fundamental problem, one Gordon Brown, and stop dancing around issue.

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  1. It's a load of bollocks though. It isn't going to raise as much money as it will cost to implement.

    Still, Alastair Darling lying on behalf of the Labour Party, eh? Whatever next?

  2. Alistair Campbell is just playing it safe. After all, David Cameron just may offer him a job shortly.