26 April 2009

Brown’s removal can’t be left until the party conference

John Rentoul’s thoughts are moving fast regarding Brown’s leadership.  He now taken up Paul Routledge's suggestion that the move to oust Brown will come at the Labour party conference:

I have been wondering about Paul Routledge's column in The Mirror on Friday. In it Brown's biographer suggests that "the Prime Minister has only a 50-50 chance of surviving Labour’s annual conference in September". Is that based on the law that once things start going wrong they get worse, or are there more specific nasties lurking to bring Brown down?

Things will will get worse for Brown, so why wait until the party conference?  Do Rentoul and Routledge really believe that doing the deed in front of the TV cameras would be a wise move?

One further point. If Brown’s removal is put off until late September, there will no flexibility as to when the election could be called.  Better to have a new leader in place in June, giving the possibility of a early October election.

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1 comment:

  1. Absolutely, if there is no one in the ranks strong enough to challenge Brown openly now then there is effectively no one strong enough to set a new agenda after a Tory thrashing in 2010.

    Labour should stop delaying; Jack Straw should be dispatched to have a word with Brown and tell him he must go or be defeated in a leadership challenge. If the challenge was there, Brown would lose a vote.

    Also, has anybody seen David Milliband in the last to months? Has he vanished?