18 April 2009

The wind of change is blowing through this country

Iain Dale is spot on with his analysis of Alice Mahon‘s resignation from the Labour party, and also correct in concluding that that she will not be the last, although to suggest there could be defections maybe taking matters a little too far.

Clearly the last straw for Mahon was McBridegate:

My stepdaughter Rachel said to me: 'How could they do that to people like David Cameron and his wife Samantha when they had recently lost their son Ivan? What kind of people think it would be a good idea to smear them?'

"I was sickened by that – that is not the Labour Party that I joined all those years ago.'

I doubt that the damage of the last week has really sunk in at the top of the Labour party.  It is nearly 50 years since Macmillan made that “Wind of Change” speech in South Africa.  That famous phase applies to what is happening in the UK today.  Macon resignation gives that wind added momentum.

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