18 April 2009

The Labour party has a constituency in Zimbabwe

I do apologise for any confusion caused.  I incorrectly stated in an earlier post that vote rigging was taking place in two British Labour party constituencies.  I have since learnt that one of of constituencies, Erith and Thamesmead, is not in south-east London but in Zimbabwe:

The selection of the Labour candidate for a safe seat was postponed last night after it was found that a ballot box had been tampered with. The process of choosing a prospective candidate for Erith and Thamesmead had already been the subject of allegations of “irregularities”.

Normally fish rot from the head down.  It may surprise you to learn that due to the culture in Zimbabwe under the present leader, fish rot not only from the head but from the tail.

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  1. Shows how far they're falling doesn't it. Bet No 10 didn't like this info reaching the MSM.