22 April 2009

Move on from the 50p tax debate

I see ConservativeHome and others broken cover and said that Cameron should oppose the 50p rate of income tax.  As usual John Rentoul brings some sanity to this non-debate and concludes:

I have news for the Less Sensible Wing of the Tory party as well as for the Sensible Wing: prioritise away; nobody's going to be reversing tax rises or cutting taxes or doing anything that Tories regard as fun for a generation. The borrowing requirement is 12 per cent of national income. It is vast. We will be paying to close the gap between government spending and revenue - never mind the debt itself - for as far as the eye can see.

Exactly.  Sometimes I do wonder if certain parts of the Conservative party really want to win the election. They seem more than happy to play Brown’s games.  Thankfully Cameron does not and has already moved on..

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