25 April 2009

Not another internal party feud


There have been reports all week about the Boris versus Cameron side-show.   The Times details the simmering tensions.  Pre “McBridegate” Labour would have screamed, “Tory-toffs fall out, how can you expect them to run the country”.  But not now.

Still, Cameron needs to sort this little local difficulty out before gets out of hand.  The message should be clear:

Boris you concentrate on your day job, whilst I win the election.  In other words, shut up.

A Blair-Brown feud Mark II will not do the Tory party any good this side of the election.

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  1. Cameron needs to up his game. Trying to be all things to all men just isn't working.

  2. I am sure you will have seen this on ConHome


    Storm in a tea cup?

    And Janet, don't be nasty about nice Mr Cameron or I might have to start commenting on Alex's performance!

  3. Howard, me nasty? Ouch! I'd have a cup of tea with DC any day but he's a wee bit too like Blair in some ways at present. Maybe he'll loosen up in the next few months.