16 April 2009

Who tells Brown it is all over?

imageWith reports that “ministers are braced for the publication of further damaging e-mails”, we have this from Martin Bright:

Whelan is still treated as a confidant by Brown even though he has the potential to be even more dangerous for him than McBride. I'm told Downing Street officials are amazed that the Prime Minister finds time to see his old spinner in Number 10. It would make an interesting freedom of information request to see how many times Brown has met Whelan over the past year.

But then again what would it prove? It would only reinforce that terrible feeling in those of us who still want the Labour Party to win the next election. It's a cold sensation that creeps up the spine and chills the heart with the real possibility that finally the game is up.

If Bright is saying this, others inside the Labour must be as well.  There is a real possibility that the game is up, and for Brown the final whistle may not be far away.

I suppose Brown will be allowed to linger on for a few more weeks until after the June elections, so long as these further e-mails do not inflict the fatal blow.

It will probably fall to Jack Straw to tell Brown it is all over.  What then?  Labour will endeavour to rally round a unity candidate, and as I have previously suggested, Alan Johnson is the only plausible nominee.

Labour has to do the deed and replace Brown.  It has no choice.  Brown has no moral authority and little credibility left.  Moreover “McBridegate” raises serious questions over Brown’s judgement.

Brown has discredited the office he holds.  He’s brought shame on his colleagues.  His departure can’t come soon enough.

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