19 April 2009

Having lost control of events, where does Labour go from here?


Just to recap on where we are this Sunday morning.  Two polls have given Tory leads sufficient for a landslide with Labour dropping back to 26%, the party’s core support; ex-MP Alice Mahon has resigned from the party; vote rigging has been exposed in two Labour constituencies; and the revelations in the Sunday papers dragging Ed Balls and General Secretary of the Labour Party Ray Collins into “McBridegate”.   The only thing missing is what Guido Fawkes promises to expose later on Sunday.

No doubt Fawkes will light up the sky once again, but the damage is now done.  The public are treating Brown with contempt and ridicule.  Furthermore, and I suggest significant, Labour has completely lost control of the agenda.  They are at the mercy of events, whether they happen on Guido’s blog or elsewhere.  Just look at the weekend papers, there is no evidence that Labour is attempting to regain the political initiative.

So where does Labour go from here?  Does it allow Brown to stagger on until after the June elections and then end his disastrous tenure as prime minister?  I am now not so sure.  If Guido’s revelations today do explode in Brown’s face, we may being witnessing the end for Brown sooner then we think.  What then, further Labour infighting and another non-elected Prime Minister.

The only certainties we have as I type this are Guido’s blog posting today, another poll on Tuesday and the budget and the latest unemployment figures on Wednesday.

This week could well be a long time in politics.

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  1. Guido quiet this morning. I do hope he is ok.

  2. My guess is that will post after the Sunday morning talk shows are over and when he has made a judgment on the news cycle.