27 April 2009

Brown is totally humiliated

After Moses climbed down on MPs’ second homes allowance he decide to pen a letter to Sir Christopher Kelly, chairman of the Committee on Standards on Public Life:

I would ask the Committee on Standards in Public Life to come forward with its proposals on this issue as soon as possible and preferably before the summer recess, taking into account MPs' attendance at Westminster, the need for transparency and accountability and the desire to reduce the existing limits on the allowances which MPs may claim, producing overall cost savings.

In his reply, Sir Christopher said the issues were "not simple" and that "making recommendations based on evidence is key if we are to put forward a workable and credible package of changes".  He added:

We aim to complete our review as early as we can consistent with doing a thorough job.

In other words, Sir Chris will do it his way and not by the summer recess.

To add to Brown’s gloom, the latest poll is hardly what was expected after the budget:

CON 45%(+5), LAB 26%(-2), LDEM 17%(-1)

If that was not enough, Brown’s Rt. Hon. friend Stephen Byers MP decided to make a less than tactful speech in the Commons today.

I assume Brown is coming back from his away day, although his reasons for doing so are unknown.

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