28 April 2009

After Thursday, will Brown have any authority left?

The FT Westminster blog has posted this:

The powerful standards and privileges committee, which represents four parties, will table an amendment on Thursday calling on Gordon Brown to allow an independent review of expenses to conclude before passing reforms.

An intervention from as important a committee as this (it basically looks at complaints over breaches of rules) is almost certain to win wide support in the Commons. It is highly likely that Gordon Brown will be forced to withdraw the face saving compromise he cooked up last night. The great and the good of the Commons have spoken. It will be a humiliating decision, but the prime minister has little other choice.

The post has been updated saying the vote will go ahead, and that the Tory frontbench will be backing part of the Brown reform package

Should the Standards and Privileges Committee amendment be carried, then Brown’s authority will finally be eroded.

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