16 April 2009

If it isn't “McBridegate”, it is vote rigging

Could it get much worse for Labour?  Yes it can.  Subrosa details a case of vote rigging in the Calder Valley seat in West Yorkshire involving a member of the Blair family.  There is more vote rigging further down South also involving someone close to Blair.

The problem with rot and decay, is that never know where it will strike next.

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  1. Howard, Mrs Booth was selected for the Calder Valley seat in West Yorkshire not here in Scotland. It was the postal vote connection between her election and Glenrothes last year.

  2. Janet -I was just about to point that out! Just stop following me around, will you!

    But, of course, you have a very important point: why is there not more concern about the way postal and electronic voting systems are open to "manipulation"? The Glenrothes example is one of the worst.

    People should be told that Labour are the crooked party who will stop at nothing to hang on to power by their very short fingernails. (Should I re-post the picture of Brown's chewed stumps?)

  3. Sorted now Howard. I've put a wee note on the end with a link to you.

    Ted, we really do have to stop meeting like this. People will begin to talk. Like you I can't understand why there's no public discussion about these 'new' voting systems, especially the use of that Ireland based company for postal votes in Glenrothes.

    Auch go on, post the picture again. Just make sure it's well after mealtimes please.