14 April 2009

The Labour backlash begins

Labour MP Stephen Pound has started the predictable rubbishing of the blogs.  He described the Guido blog as “like Popbitch with a blue rosette”, and claimed that smear drives the blogosphere.  Pound continued:

The blogosphere is a “world that is utterly unaccountable”.

An obvious reaction by the Labour party.  Pound wouldn't be saying this if LabourList was a roaring success.

Stephen Pollard has a column in The Times stating that Fawkes was tactically astute in the way he played “McBridegate”.  Pollard is correct and he goes on to say that blogs are now part of the political process.  The mainstream media and the blogs compliment each other.

Labour clearly have other ideas.  Watch out for the backlash.

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1 comment:

  1. I do not agree with Mr Pound that Blogs are unaccountable.

    Some of the most commented upon blogposts are those where the author made an error or is wrong in their argument. Blogs are open for the whole world to critise.