28 April 2009

The ‘I Can’t Stand Brown Society’ gains momentum

After Stephen Byers hit Brown’s 50p tax policy for six, another member of the ‘I Can’t Stand Brown Society’ speaks out.  This time it is Charles Clarke on MPs’ expenses:

On these kind of political solutions he's got to recognise that these are House of Commons matters and he's got to not bully in the way he goes about it.

If you just pick up the newspaper one morning and see you are being asked to do something, that's simply not the way to conduct politics.

It's very damaging. I hope he'll now take the opportunity to pull the proposed vote on Thursday altogether.

Just to add to Brown’s welcome home David Blunkett, who dreamt up the idea of ID cards, has now said they should be dropped.

So while Brown has been away, three senior ex-Cabinet ministers have directly criticised Brown and the policies that he is pursuing.

One more matter.  Mandy appears to have disappeared from few since his weekend interview with The Times.  Perhaps he is putting the succession strategy together.  One can only hope so.

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