30 April 2009

Nick Robinson’s away day

The BBC’s political editor decided to take himself off to the the football in Manchester on the day the government was defeated over the Gurkhas.  He makes this point on his blog:

It is proof, if any were needed, that away from the economy the prime minister is consistently misjudging issues.

Brown is not the only one misjudging issues.

I find it appalling that the BBC’s senior political reporter decides to absent himself from Westminster on this of all days.  He is paid taxpayers money to report on the major political stories, not from train going to the football, but from Westminster.

Perhaps it was time Robinson spent more time at the football, and the BBC employed someone who wouldn't mind being a full-time political editor.

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1 comment:

  1. Well said Howard. I've just posted a wee bit about Alistair Darling and how he admitted yesterday to the Treasury Committee that he'd plucked the £150,000 50p tax threshold out of the air.

    They're all useless.