19 April 2009

Guido changes gear

You have to read Fawkes’s latest post very carefully.  Where this leads could well be highly damaging for Brown.  He is saying that according to an on the record source, Labour's General Secretary Ray Collins DID know “in principle about the plan to set-up an anonymous Labour attack blog”, but DIDN’T know “about specifics”.  Guido also says that others at Labour HQ were also in the know.

Collins has said this in response to the earlier NOTW story:

I have had no knowledge whatsoever of any smears and found the stories and reports of the last week absolutely disgusting.

I did attend a meeting at the Unite Head Office on December 1 to discuss online digital campaigning and how we could support and encourage left of centre websites and bloggers.

This meeting was not about scurrilous rumour, personal attacks or smears as I would have been furious that such things could be seen as legitimate tools of political debate.

In this statement Collins DOESN’T rule out that he knew about the Red Rag site.  Therefore we now have a direct link from what McBride and Draper were planning to the heart of the Labour party.

Guido ends his post with the word “developing”  Indeed so.  Hardly “tittle tattle”, as Mandy was suggesting at lunchtime.

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