20 April 2009

Caught my eye

Trevor Kavenagh:

“We’re down to 26 per cent, but there is nothing to stop it going lower,” said an ex-Cabinet minister. “We are in freefall.

“People accused Tony of telling lies but Gordon is the biggest liar in modern politics.

“The question on election day will be: Do you want Brown for another five years? Millions and millions of voters are going to say NO.”

Alastair Campbell:

Jackie Ashley is singing the praises of Peter Mandelson. That really was a surprise.

Peter Oborne:

I am convinced that Blairite hatchetmen (who still rue the day their hero was forced out of Downing Street by Gordon Brown's plotters) leaked the poisonous e-mails between McBride and fellow spin-doctor Derek Draper.

They knew that putting the e-mails into the public domain would profoundly damage the Government.

But they did not care - the greater prize was the elimination of a hated Brownite foot-soldier, McBride.

Over the weekend, intoxicated with the swift success of their ploy, they struck again with the additional and very brutal attack on the Prime Minister's closest ally and chosen successor, Ed Balls. As a result, Balls is very badly wounded.

Today, for the first time since he became Labour leader in July 2007, I am seriously beginning to wonder whether Gordon Brown might not survive until the election.

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