20 April 2009

The latest poll bucks the trend

ICM’s monthly poll:

CON 40%(-4), LAB 30%(-1), LDEM 19%(+1)

Anthony Well again:

This is actually the lowest Conservative lead in an ICM poll since December, which given the horrendous week Labour have had in the media seems a somewhat unlikely trend.

Tomorrow MORI’s monthly political monitor, which was also carried out over the weekend, should appear tomorrow and perhaps that will clear things up a bit - otherwise we’ll never know for sure the effect of the smear emails on Labour’s public support, since the next round of polls will be subject to whatever positive or negative effect the budget has.

Looking beyond the topline figures, the underlying trends are rather better for the Conservatives. Cameron & Osborne now have a 10 point lead over Brown & Darling as the most trusted team to run the economy, up from 2 points the last time ICM asked the question in January. The Conservatives are also seen as the party most likely to “use power honestly” - backed by 29% to Labour’s 20% and the Lib Dems 13% (implying that 38% of people wouldn’t trust any of them).

Could it be that this poll reflects the fact that Cameron has been almost absent from the media over that last two weeks?  The MORI poll tomorrow will conform whether this is a rogue poll or not, as the field work was carried out at exactly the same time.

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