24 April 2009

Working For Margaret


I expect we will have a whole string of programmes looking back at Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister over the next week or so.  Matthew Parris, on Radio 4’s Archive Hour, has a programme exploring what it was like to work for Lady T.  For a political obsessive like me the programme will be fascinating.

I admit to being a fan.  Without doubt she was a great PM.  She changed the political whether.  Her failing was to destroy forever the industrial base in Scotland and northern England, where to this day the Tories remain unpopular.

I lived in her constituency for many years.  My parents still do.  Thatcher was a faultless MP and a delight to meet, although she could be rather overbearing at times.

Thatcher and Atlee remain the two outstanding Prime Ministers of the post-war period.

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