26 April 2009

Questions for Tom Harris MP

I read a cross section of blogs that include Tom Harris’s ‘And Another Thing’.  He loves throwing mud at the Tories rather than concentrating on his own party’s dire position.  I have never read any offerings on how he would resolve Labour's deep-seated problems.  You can read his latest post here.

I have asked him three initial questions on his blog.

1. Could you kindly explain to me what Brown’s agenda is other than short-term tactical games in a attempt to wrong foot the Tories?

2. Do you think you could achieve for Labour what Cameron has done for the Tories?

3. I would like to hear your views on how Labour could revive itself for the election?

Come on Tom, let us have your views and opinions.

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  1. Don't hold your breath Howard.

  2. Tom likes the sound of his own voice and his stock-in-trade is to bait and provoke. He has a background in PR and spin so don't expect too much substance from him.

    However, he did write a very good contribution to the debate on the problem of teenage mothers (and fathers) a few months ago but has never produced much that is worthwhile before or since.

    Keep winding him up though!