24 April 2009

The Prime Minister we are not proud to have

Forget the polls, the Budget, the tactics, the You Tube video silliness, and everything else you hear or think about our Prime Minister.  Just read this on Bloomberg:

Like Anthony Eden, Winston Churchill’s World War II foreign minister who was undone as prime minister by the 1956 Suez Crisis, Brown has been derailed by events in the very field where he made his name.

“You’ve got the Eden problem,” says Anthony Seldon, author of the 2005 biography “Blair.” “There was a man who was brilliant as foreign secretary, but couldn’t cope with the job upgrade.”


The strain shows, say current and former Brown aides: Among other things, it has inflamed a temper that has always been the subject of gallows humor among those who work with him, they say.

The prime minister, 58, has hurled pens and even a stapler at aides, according to one; he says he once saw the leader of Britain’s 61 million people shove a laser printer off a desk in a rage. Another aide was warned to watch out for “flying Nokias” when he joined Brown’s team.

Still, the atmosphere in No. 10 Downing Street, where Brown lives and works, is grim. In his less-than two years in office, he has already gone through two chiefs of staff -- Tom Scholar and Stephen Carter -- and five advisers on strategy.

One staffer says a colleague developed a technique called a “news sandwich” -- first telling the prime minister about a recent piece of good coverage before delivering bad news, and then moving quickly to tell him about something good coming soon.

and finally:

His long years in opposition, both before and during government, encouraged a preoccupation with tactics over strategy, as demonstrated by tax and the non-election,” says Martin Farr, a lecturer in politics at Newcastle University.

The prime minister “can be regarded almost as a Shakespearean character, in the way his career and personality have brought him to this point,” says Farr.

I am fed up repeating myself.  Brown is not fit to be Prime Minister.  Some wise heads in the Labour party are going to have start looking at the political reality.  The tragic consequences of this man remaining in office are staring the rest of us in the face.

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