27 April 2009

The real reason for Brown’s panic over expenses

The NOTW gives the reasons why Brown panicked and made a fool of himself when he smiled for the camera last week.  The Labour party internal polling is dreadful:

The internal polling - based on polls and focus groups carried out over the past two weeks - are grim reading.

They show:

Labour cannot win the next General Election.

Voters think Labour are now sleazier than the Tories.

Even if Brown fixes the economy, voters still don’t want another Labour government.

After Brown’s initial proposals were rejected last week, there are signs of a compromise in the offering.  There has to be for two reasons.  Firstly, Brown’s credibility wouldn't recover if he lost the vote on Thursday, not that this would worry Cameron and Clegg.  More importantly, all MPs are forced to take action before the detailed receipts are published in July.

It should be a fun packed week with much grandstanding from all sides.

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