27 April 2009

More nails in Brown’s coffin

While Nick Robinson continues to do Brown’s bidding in Kabul, Michael Crick is reporting that Moses has had to abandon his plans to reform MPs’ second home allowance.

There is no stopping Brown in a further attempt to deflect attention from his domestic troubles as he attempts to save the world once again.  As Con Coughlin correctly states, what is needed is action and troops on the ground, not more spin and fine words.

The away day then took a bad turn during the second leg to Islamabad.  The Pakistani president is upset with Moses describing his country as the “epicentre of terrorism’.  In a snub to Brown, the joint press conference will now be held with the Pakistani prime minister. There are more details on the farcical day out if you can be bothered.

Oh dear.  On the one hand we have a rather undiplomatic day in the sun.  On the other, Brown’s credibility is now further undermined by his total misjudgement in attempting to force through changes to MPs expenses without first consulting the other parties.

I will now join the Lord West school of betting.  What are the odds that there will be one final journey down The Mall in June?

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