16 April 2009

Brown’s electric car wheeze


There is no stopping Brown.  He has fallen in love with electric cars.  Bribes will of course be offered.  An expert gives his view:

Electric cars in the foreseeable future are never going to be anything more than urban vehicles. One of the issues will be what accompanying measures will persuade people to invest in these things? The strategy talks about some grants but there's something more pragmatic to consider. Do we have our own cars for long journeys and borrow them for urban ones? How do you bring about that change in culture and usage?

Then there is an in-built assumption that the electricity powering the cars will be low carbon. If you generate your electricity by making coal-fired power stations run, you'll exacerbate the climate problem. Another question is around what extra load will be put on the electricity network and will the network and generating capacity be able to respond in a low-carbon fashion?


As I have already pointed out, Brown latest brain-wave can be dismissed for any immediate impact.

Can someone please end the spin, the half-truths and the deception.  Is it really too much to ask?

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