16 April 2009

The Tories will focus on Brown

It is clear that the Tories are going to focus their attention squarely on Brown in the aftermath of “McBridegate”.

Damian Green on the Brown:

I subscribe to the old Italian proverb that 'fish rots from the head' and that, in the end, ministers draw their salary to take responsibility for what their officials do, so in the end responsibility lies with ministers all the way up to the prime minister.

George Osborne:

The Prime Minister has at last, many days later admitted full responsibility and that is fine. People will draw their own conclusions about the kind of government he runs.

I welcome particularly the fact he’s taken full responsibility for the culture at the heart of his government.

and this is what will resonate with the public:

How are we going to clean up the centre of our government? How are we going to make 10 Downing Street a building we can be proud of in the future ... focusing on how to deal with the big issues that face our country.

Good stuff from Osborne.  The right strategy for the Tories to adopt is to keep it at a high level.  They must not get bogged down with the details but lay blame for “McBridegate” squarely at Brown’s door.

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