19 April 2009

Mandy fails to move the agenda on

Mandy totally missed the point on The World This Weekend:

Mr McBride should not be surprised at the furore - he was employed as a servant of the government and of the public - that is why the Prime Minister acted so quickly.

We don’t have anymore need to go into Mr McBride's past behaviour because as far as the government is concerned he is no more. The issue has now been resolved.

We are focused on what needs to be done for the country not every piece of tittle tattle.

Mandy, the issue is far from resolved.  This is not tittle tattle.  “McBridegate” is about the culture that permeates right through New Labour.  Removing one man does not change that.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh how Mandelson would like it to be just tittle tattle.