13 April 2009

Are you convinced?

Sam Coates has published the letter that Brown has sent to the Cabinet Secretary about '”McBridegate”.  Brown takes responsibility but does not use the word sorry.  He also makes it plain that no one apart from McBride was involved.

Brown can tighten up any rules he wants.  However rules themselves do not change the culture that he alone is responsible for.

It is the final paragraph that I have an issue with:

Like the overwhelming majority of figures in public life across the political spectrum, I entered politics because of a sense of public duty and to improve the lives and opportunities of those less fortunate than me. My undivided focus as Prime Minister is on acting to make Britain a fairer, safer and more prosperous nation and, in particular, on guiding the country through the current economic difficulties. The public would expect no less and would also expect the highest possible standards from all their politicians and all those who work for them.

We now know this simply is not true.

Brown has also written personally to those Tories mentioned in the email trial between McBride and Draper.  It has been reported that no direct apology has been used as Cameron demanded.

Cameron and others have now to decide whether to accept the letters as sent and move on.  Moreover, the wider public has to also accept what Brown has said and move on.  As I said earlier, this is unlikely to happen.  The voters have made up their mind.

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  1. Complement / Compliment ? Then, i suppoose at the moment they are doing both..........