13 April 2009

What’s cooking in the Downing Street kitchen?

The obvious is sometimes worth stating.  How is Brown and the credible henchmen he has left going to move the agenda on?  It is easily forgotten that “McBridegate” broke over the 4-day Easter holiday weekend when there was no other major domestic news.

How is Brown going to play this later today, so Tuesday’s headlines are not a repeat of Monday’s awful press coverage?  Nadine Dorries is saying that the BBC are coming under pressure from lawyers representing Draper and Watson.  The implication of this could be that Campbell’s advice is not being heeded.

Can we expect a major Government announcement later today or overnight that will remove “McBridegate” from the front pages and the TV and radio headlines in the morning?

Brown has not suddenly changed over the past 72 hours.  I have little doubt that something will be served up by breakfast time on Tuesday.

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