30 April 2009

Brown plays politics with swine flu

There is just no stopping the man, even when it comes to public health..  A swine flu alert was delayed by several hours, so Brown could make the announcement at PMQs:

Councillors in the Devon resort learnt at 8.30am yesterday that Amy Whitehouse, 12, had tested positive for the virus after a holiday in Mexico.

Yet although the decision was quickly taken to close down Paignton Community and Sports College, where she is a Year 7 student, parents complained that the first they heard about the school closure was on the lunchtime news after Mr Brown's announcement.

Dr Sarah Harrison, public health consultant for Torbay, said the timing did not affect officials' actions.  However:

This was a national incident and the timing of the announcement was an order that came from above.

What a tragedy Brown is, and truly sad he he has to resort to play politics with swine flu.

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  1. Truly desperate! That's atrocious.

  2. One can but hope that there is only one fatality as a result of the outbreak. That being the Labour Party.

  3. Really we need to get rid of the madman now. Allowing him to be in charge of this country until a general election is asking for disaster. Surely the tories can call a vote of confidence about something like this.

  4. The problem with a vote of confidence is that the Tories will not win, and moreover, they want Brown to remain. It has to be Labour that replaces Brown. As you are aware, I have arguing for this for months. It will happen in June.