01 May 2009

The end game begins: Cabinet ministers break cover

Blame Brown’s advisors.  Blame the chief whip.  Blame anybody apart the man at the top they cry.  What rot.  Brown’s the man responsible for Labour’s horrendous week.

Whilst Mandy winds down for for his sunny weekend, Cabinet minsters have now broken ranks to give their penetrating analysis of Labour’s predicament.  Wonderful stuff that gets nowhere.

Never one to be left out, David Blunkett says Labour is heading for ‘civil war’.  I have some news.  It has already started.  He explains:

We cannot afford civil war.  Both those on the old Left and some of my old colleagues who are described as Blairites, must not look backwards. Those are in the past and we must make our own way. After the last couple of weeks, we need to regroup and have a vision. We cannot afford to wait until after the summer elections. The public are still not convinced by the Tories.

He motors on:

The Damian McBride emails, the public horror at some of the exposure of MPs' expenses claims and an erosion of confidence in politics generally, requires a line to be drawn and the restoration of the antennae. The old battles are over and the need for visionary action is self-evident. So talk of going back to the past is dangerous.

Along with Blunkett’s murmurings, and the noises off from members of the ‘I Can’t Stand Brown Society’ one could conclude that Labour’s leadership campaign has already started.  Alas no, it is just the end game of Brown’s premiership.

Perhaps Mandy will get his ‘sunny weekend’, as the 30th anniversary of Thatcher’s arrival in Downing street is celebrated here, there and everywhere.  Being a bank holiday weekend, maybe we will be in for some surprises.  After all, remember what happened during the Easter break.

Roll on 8th of June.  For Mandy's sake, I hope it is sunny.

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