31 May 2009

Election results programmes without a Dimbleby

Iain Dale has asked that all political bloggers promote the two programmes he and Hopi Sen are hosting to cover the forthcoming elections.  I am happy to oblige as Iain has on several occasions promoted this blog.


You can find the details here.  Good luck to Iain and Hopi.  I assume they will make provision on the Friday to cover the possible Brown reshuffle and Alan Johnson's every move and utterance.  It could be a very interesting day.

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  1. I would promote it if I could access Playradio. I've tried several times, followed the instructions for Macs but no luck.

    Morning Howard, another lovely day.

  2. Sorry, I can't help. I have no experience of using a Mac. Perhaps you should leave a comment on Dale's original post and see if he responds

  3. That's ok Howard, didn't expect you to help. I've left a comment on Dale's blog but, as us Mac users are a very small minority, he never replied. I'll have a chat with DK, he uses Macs.