26 May 2009

Oh no. Hattersley comes out for PR


Not one for being left out in the cold, Roy Hattersley, one time failed deputy leader of the Labour party comes out for proportional representation.  Speaking at the Hay literary festival:

I now conclude that the sort of country I want to see is most likely to come about if, and when, PR offers the prospect of a progressive alliance.

This has to be seen as a major setback to Alan Johnson’s bid to lead the Labour party at the next election.  Hattersley, who has always wished he could write as well as Roy Jenkins and have as much influence on the Labour party as Woy, brings a kiss of death to anything he touches.

Poor Alan Johnson.  Not only does he have Polly Toynbee cheering him on, but now Roy Hattersley.  Don't give up Alan.  Credible support will arrive in June.

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1 comment:

  1. Why do the likes of Hattersley get resurrected? It shouldn't happen in a democracy.