01 May 2009

The end game: Charles Clarke makes a move

Well that didn't take long.  On Day 1 of the end game, Charles Clarke launches his own thermal nuclear device at the Brown bunker:

There have been things that have been done recently that have made me feel ashamed to be a Labour MP.

I worked over my whole political life to get Labour into a position where it could be a good government.

I do see that fading away - we have to refocus on the steps we have to take. There's a lot around saying Gordon has to improve his performance.

The problem here is with Charles himself.  His missiles don't carry any detonators.  He has little support within the PLP, so I discount him as the stalking horse.

Bob Marshall-Andrews has also fired a few shots in the air.

The point is that tactical Brown no longer has any authority over his party.  Moreover, there are no senior figures jumping up and down in his defence.

Drawing a line in sand is going to be near impossible after this week.

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