02 May 2009

Nothing here. Move on

Rumours, anonymous briefings and plots about the Labour leadership continue apace.  This one makes the lead story in the Daily Telegraph.  The much respected Lord Ashdown has given an interview.  The headline is very misleading, ‘Labour MPs plot Lib Dem defection due to doubts about Gordon Brown’.  Digging deep within the article you get to this which quotes Lord Ashdown:

What happens after the election if Labour loses? Very senior people in the Labour Party have told me there will be a heart and soul battle.

There are signs that certain constituency parties are growing really Left-wing. Senior Labour figures have said to me, 'If that happens, I’m off’

The article goes on to suggest that ‘tentative’ discussions have taken place with Labour MPs authorised by hero of the hour, Nick Clegg.

Just what is the point of a story like this, apart from the sensational headline.  Do these Labour MPs have majorities of more than 8000?  If they do not, defection to the LibDems will the last thing on their minds on the night Cameron is swept to power.

The diatribe finishes by hinting on where these ‘tentiative’ discussions have taken place:

There is a very big difference between sounding off on the terrace [of the Palace of Westminster] after a drink and actually leaving your party.

Exactly.  Move on.

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