02 May 2009

The end game: Alan Johnson speaks out

Alan Johnson, who has suddenly become the favourite unity candidate of the mainstream media to succeed Brown, has given an interview to The Times.  He offers cleverly worded praise of our dear leader:

He also doesn’t think that Mr Brown should give up either. “What Gordon has tried to do on members’ allowances is pick this issue up by the scruff of its neck.

“He’s done the right thing here, he’s doing the right thing in bringing the troops home from Basra, he’s doing the right thing in trying to ensure we get through this downturn. I’ve become a greater admirer of Gordon Brown the longer I spend looking at him in action close up and I’ve never been the secretary of the Brown fan club.”

Note the word ‘greater’ rather than great and his explicit statement that he has never been a Brown fan.

Then we move on to his own ambitions:

When Mr Johnson failed to be elected deputy leader, he said he had lost his ambition for the top job. Could he now be persuaded to be the saviour of his party in its hour of need?

“I’ve got to go and vote,” he replies.

Johnson could have answered by saying that the party should get behind Brown and all leadership speculation is just media tittle tattle.  He would have still made that vote!

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