15 April 2009

How Brown runs Britain

Drip, Drip, Drip.  Alice Miles, in her column in The Times, reveals more details about how Brown’s Downing Street operates:

The most lethal attack machine in the history of British politics,” said one; “they have polluted the core of British politics for years.” “Licensed to kill, by Gordon,” said another.

Red-on-red action,” muttered a third. “These e-mails are the minutest tip of the iceberg. For years and years and years it has not been the Labour Party’s political enemies who have been on the receiving end, it’s been people in the Labour Party.

Then this

The poisoning was at its worst in the run-up to the leadership noncontest two years ago. Yesterday I spoke to somebody who balked at challenging Mr Brown then, because he couldn’t face the poisoners. “It’s the reason why Gordon came to office untested,” he said. “When I considered challenging him for the leadership, people warned me it would be a very unpleasant campaign; and it would have been an unpleasant campaign because Gordon’s people would have run it in an extremely vicious way.

Senior Labour figures are aware that the techniques used to stifle dissent against Mr Brown in the past are already being used to manipulate the succession in favour of Mr Balls. “They are going to do it again with the succession to Gordon,” said one former Cabinet minister yesterday, “because it’s worked for them so far. They are having a good go at Harriet [Harman]. They are beginning to train their sights on James [Purnell].

I recently had a conversation with one potential contender for the Labour leadership in the future who said he was not sure he could face running, because “they” would come after him. “They got David [Miliband], they’re getting Harriet [Harman], I don’t want to be next.

Not even the Prime Minister could stop this now, even if he wanted to. “This was not just an error of judgment, these e-mails,” another former Cabinet minister put it. “It’s a total error of character. These changes to the rules about special advisers are completely and totally irrelevant. It’s not about rules, it’s about the moral compass of those involved.

After “McBridegate”, it is rather a fanciful suggestion that Brown’s successor will be Ed Balls.  The Labour party has to ensure that Brown and his cabal never get anywhere near the future leadership.  The rule by fear and destruction has to end.

So, this is the way our Prime Minister runs Britain, by fear and destruction.  It can’t end soon enough.  After reading Alice Miles, has anyone in the Labour party got the courage to stand up to Brown and throw him out of office?

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