20 April 2009

Ed Balls should be very worried, and so should Brown

Ben Brogan is back with a new blog and doesn't mince his words.  He goes further than Nick Robinson did this morning and call Balls a liar:

To my holiday-addled brain, the most significant development of the week is the outing of Ed Balls and his shadow spin operation. Did he really say of "Mr" Damian McBride: "I haven't been involved in his political work"?  Eh? The opening post of a new blog should set the tone by avoiding sensation. It should be scrupulously fair-minded. At all cost it should avoid unedifying name-calling. So I shall merely say, in the gentlest way possible: "liar liar, pants on fire".

So we now have two senior political commentators rightly accusing Balls of being more than economical with the truth.  If Balls is implicated in “McBridegate”, then the trail will lead straight to Brown.  This scandal is far from over.

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