14 April 2009

It is time for Cameron to lead


To add to Brown’s discomfort, both Rachel Sylvester and Dominic Lawson have incisive articles on the culture of Gordon Brown and those surrounding him.  Derek Draper will be cut loose from the Labour party soon, but we should concentrate on the bigger picture.

Brown has little or no credibility left, and what moral authority he may have once had has evaporated over the weekend.  The Tories, and the individuals smeared by “McBridegate”, will continue to press for a full apology and rightly so.  However, the focus must now turn to David Cameron.

Labour's attack strategy on the leading Tory personalities is now discredited (there will be no more Tory toff talk), but the questioning of Cameron over his policies will intensify.  There must be no more presentational mistakes.

Cameron has to show the nation he can lead over the complete range of policy; economic, domestic, foreign, defence etc.  He has to ‘seal the deal’ with the country and prove beyond doubt that he is the person to take the country forward.  Cameron must ensure the electorate take to the Tories in a positive way, rather than use them as the default option to vote Labour out.

There is no question that Cameron is up to the challenge, he just has to prove himself to the country.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man.  No more accurate statement could be said of David Cameron today.

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  1. wonderfulforhisageApril 14, 2009 at 11:54 AM

    Blair's strategy of not frightening the horses was implemented with a magic wand called the third way which was a 'now you see it now you don't' device.

    The self styled heir to Blair has inherited Blair's don't frighten the horses strategy (hence little or no policies or fundamental principles) but has yet to find a magic wand.

    Leadership inevitably frightens some horses. Ergo, followership of focus groups is the order of the day.

    Perhaps he should get Steve H. to invent a magic wand - the fourth way?

  2. Oh, the policies are undoubtedly there at CCHQ, probably changing almost daily to keep up with an ever-changing situation. The few policies that have been announced were stolen by Brown, who then failed to implement them properly (Labour never implement policy competently, as I can attest from experience!)

    No: the right time to announce detailed policies (rather than primarily in-principle policy strands) is just as the next General Election is called, along with evidence of the ongoing policy work that had been going on behind the scenes all along.

    As for a fourth way: if I were Cameron — and knowing his style — I'd do it along the lines of "We don't need a first, second or third way. We need a new way, and that's what only today's Conservatives offer."