26 April 2009

The defections start

There was an unexpected overnight poll.  The Tory lead is now consistent, which comes as no surprise.

The number of defections to the Tories will increase as we get closer to the election.  Today a LibDem candidate has jumped ship.  My guess is that Clegg’s party will get squeezed out of the picture.  In truth, what does the lad have to say that you can remember for more than 5 minutes?

UPDATE: I have just noticed this on the BBC web site.

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  1. Absolutely zilch! He's a total dick. Wonder how many defections there will ultimately be! ;-)

  2. Jings Howard, to lose the bra queen will hit them hard. She's a great PR person for labour and used on the BBC often up here. Another one bites the bust (joke, pathetic one too).