24 April 2009

This is our Prime Minister you are talking about

Brown is being ridiculed on the blogs today.  I know it is Friday, but please remember he is our Prime Minister.

See here, here, here, here, and here

If that is not enough, Kelvin Mackenzie said on Sky TV:

Gordon should take a bottle of brandy and a gun, go to a quiet room, have a drink, then blow his brains out.

Even Anthony Eden was treated with more respect than this!

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  1. The funny thing was watching the news presenters face when Kelvin said that. She tried to get him to apologise and he refused. Brilliant!

  2. Why should we 'respect' Brown and Nuliebour?? How have they respected me and you?? Where is our promised referendum on the EU Treaty, just for starters? Respect has to be 'earned' and he has earned none. I can't wait till the explosive release of all MP's expenses claims in July; this summer is going to 'rock'.