14 April 2009

What exactly is going on in the Brown bunker?

Last year, PR Week was in the forefront of the reporting that Stephen Carter was being rubbished by Downing Street.  They have a very interesting piece on their web site about the latest goings on in Downing Street:

A Downing Street insider said: ‘The Number Ten machine has been hit very hard by this, there have been endless conference calls and crisis meetings all weekend as there’s great concern that focus will spread to others in GB’s entourage… none of whom are strangers to the dark arts.’

Clearly Brown didn't spend the weekend dealing with the recession.

But Downing Street is also concerned that MPs in Brown’s inner circle such as Ed Balls, Ian Austin and Nick Brown could also be dragged in to the coverage.

If this is the case, matters could well become very damaging indeed for Brown.

I previously posted that there would be an attempt by Brown to move the agenda on today.  Surprisingly there has not been and “McBridegate” is still dominating the headlines.  What is going on?  Are Cabinet members about to be implicated, as well as hangers-on like Draper and Whelan.

This is not the New Labour way of handling a crisis.  All is far from well in the Brown bunker.  Are more revelations in this sordid affair about to see the light of day?

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  1. It has been a long and interesting weekend and i just wonder where all this is going.

    I just wish someone would govern the country, that would be a start.

  2. I notice that the BBC News web site has been remarkably reticent about all this. If it was a Tory smear campaign you wouldn't hear the end of it. Remember how the BBC ran and ran the non-story about George Osbourne and Yachtgate ? Just goes to show how biased towards Gordon Brown and Labour the BBC really is.