21 April 2009

Sometimes Brown is glad of the recession

When it suits them Brown and Mandy they will talk of “recovery” and “opportunity”.  At other times they will be glad of the recession when it gets them out of a political hole.  The Indy reports on the Royal Mail sell-off:

New research by the think-tank Compass suggests the amount of money the Treasury would raise from the sale has almost halved since last year. It claims a price of £1bn is realistic in the recession but said a minority stake would have fetched an estimated £1.9bn if it had been sold a year ago.

Place your bets now on this excuse being given as to why the proposed sell-off will be called off, rather than the real reason that Mandy can’t win over Labour MPs. Any chance that this will be announced on Budget Day to cheer the troops up and help bury the bad news?

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