17 April 2009

Sorry, the Labour spin machine is not working



On the day that Brown said “Sorry” over McBridegate, which was obviously deliberately timed to knock the Damian Green affair off the front pages, the spin has backfired badly.  Not one of the papers carries Brown’s remarks as the lead story.

And this from the increasingly out of touch Lord Mandelson:

When people talk about the world with such pessimism they are ignoring all the opportunities and concentrating only on the risks. So frankly it’s about time people stopped being so darned pessimistic, looked at it on the up side, and looked at what we’re good at in this country.

Well at least Mandy has one fan.  Tom Harris must have felt rather ignored yesterday with the Cabinet in Glasgow.

Damian McBride is obviously already being missed.  Mandy is a poor substitute these days.

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